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The Power of a Single Word to Transform Your Year

New year's resolutions are difficult.  I like to keep it simple and choose a single word to focus on all year long.  My word for 2021 is PEACE.  It speaks to me.  Calls out to me.  Whispers to my heart.  By focusing on this word, I will make the time to take walks in nature by myself.  I will shut off my phone while I am eating lunch or dinner, instead of listening to CNN and the constant stream of political stress.  I will turn out the lights before midnight and get the sleep I so desperately need. What word is calling to you?  Spend two minutes in silence and ask yourself what you really want or need to focus on in 2021 and then trust the voice inside.  You know what it is.  Now, claim it for your own.  And each day find small, yet important, ways to incorporate it into the fabric of your life.  If CURIOUS is calling to you, get a free language app and consider spending a few minutes every day learning Mandarin or Greek. Or consider signing up for an online class in a subj