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7 foods to help moms in their 40s and 50s protect bone health

You are a super mom  in your 40s or 50os.  You have a lot on your plate. Helping your child with online school or homework.  Keeping your family safe during this pandemic. Working inside or outside the home. Keeping your home running smoothly.  In all this craziness, do not forget to take care of you..  Next time you are grocery shopping online or at the store, try to put some of these  bone healthy foods   in your cart, all with nutrients and minerals to help you take good care of your bones: 1.  Nonfat or low-fat plain yogurt . I like plain Greek yogurt myself because it is high in calcium but low in sugar and I like its creaminess. Plus, it is delicious served with fresh blueberries, blackberries or raspberries. 2. Fatty fish such as salmon or sardines . Fatty fish is high in Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for strong bones. I like fresh salmon, but canned salmon and sardines are also good choices to protect bone health. 3. Leafy  greens such as kale, turnip greens or mustard

Lung cancer: nonsmoking women in 40s need to know these 10 truths

 You're a woman in the know.  A woman in your 40s  who has learned to take good care of you. Rather than puffing on a cigarette, you're taking deep breaths and doing  yoga or meditation.  You're eating more veggies and less fast food.  You never miss a mammogram.  You go to the gym.  Lift weights and take Vitamin D to support  bone health .  Could you be missing anything? Quite surprisingly, yes.  Lung cancer is almost never talked about among women in their 40s or 50s.  During Lung Cancer Awareness Month, here are 10 reasons to start talking about it: 1.   Breast cancer may get more publicity and funding, but lung cancer is the leading cancer killer of women , and has been since 1987.  It kills roughly 1.5 times more wo men than breast cancer. 2.  That nagging winter cough that won't go away could be a sign of lung cancer.  That is what happened to this  healthy 28-year-old woman  who had the scare of her life but lived to tell about it. 3.  Twenty percent of women wh