Stopping the world to savor what's most important

My finger on the remote, and my mind focused on my to do list, I was anxious to get my little one settled with her favorite show, and get to it.  Get to the laundry. Get to the exercise.  Get to the writing.  Expecting instant results, I was let down. No Internet connection.. And no amount of fiddling with wires or adjusting settings would do it. There would be no Little Einsteins for my daughter and no getting stuff done for me.

What happened next was magical. My 2-year-old took an ordinary rag and arranged it just so.  Presto!  A table cloth for a special tea party. Right on the family room floor. Next came the tea pot and tea cups.  Followed by plastic tea cakes and cookies. We took turns pouring pretend tea for each other and my toddler said please and thank you like a little lady. It was delightfully fun and unexpected. I connected with my daughter, sharing giggles and eye contact. The connection was way better than one we would have gotten from the Internet. I'm glad technology (like toddlers) doesn't always behave. My daughter and I would have missed out on the most important event of the day.


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