Sleep and Yoga could help get rid of my excess belly fat

I had a huge aha moment yesterday.  I have been going about my whole approach to weight loss wrong.  Just like there is a Yin and a Yang in Eastern cultures, I need balance in my approach.  I have been attacking my health goals full force, full speed ahead, and I didn't realize it, but this has been sabotaging my efforts.  I read yesterday that one of the biggest causes of extra belly fat in women in their 40s and 50s is too much cortisol, which is produced when the body is under excess stress.

With six kids under the age of 18, stress is everywhere I look. In the laundry piles.  In the dirty dishes on the counter.  In my calendar.  In the backseat of my minivan--not just the kids but the fast food wrappers, goldfish crackers and school papers that litter my car.  There is just too much of everything.  I am not complaining. I love all of my unique and amazing children, and consider them to be the biggest blessings in my life.  Even still, the bickering, the sibling rivalry, the complaining, and the places they need me to take them to can all be overwhelming and leave me feeling frazzled.

Today, I set out with the intention of doing yoga to create more peace and balance in my day. It worked!  I felt more peaceful, calm and still, even though there was still chaos all around me. My super energetic two-year-old danced and jumped and played with her tea party set right next to me on the floor.  Still, it was enough of an escape to make a positive difference.  I am pretty good at tuning out distractions and adapting to the craziness around me.  I consider it my superpower, even though my super organized 13-year-old insists that I need to be a better planner to prevent the chaos.  I say we all have our God-given strengths and I am embracing mine.

The other really big contributor to the accumulation of fat around women's midsection is not enough sleep.  In fact, a 16-year study of more than 68.000 women showed that those who slept five hours or less per night (which is me most nights) were 32% more likely to gain 32 pounds. That's a lot of weight over just 16 years.  Coincidentally, my husband and I were watching two old concerts of Frank Sinatra last night, each held 16 years apart.  The first showed a young, 40ish Sinatra with a trim waist, a sparkle in his eyes, and a glow of  health and vibrancy.  I read that Sinatra later became an alcoholic and, as evidenced by the Scotch glass in his hand during the second concert, relied on alcohol day in and day out. You could really see the impact booze had on him.  His face was puffy and swollen, there was fat around his mid-section, and really allover, and he didn't have that sparkle in his eyes.  Sixteen years can make a huge difference, and what you do day in and day out, can add up to something big.

What you do today, and tomorrow and the day after that really, really matters.  If you want to be your healthiest, I urge you to follow me in my quest to do two things---sleep seven or more hours a night and do something every day to carve out some peace.  Your waist will thank you, but more importantly, you will be protecting yourself from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  And that is way more important then how you look in a bathing suit.  I want my life to make a positive contribution to the world and to my family, and to do that I need to be here, healthy and alive. I don't know about you, but that's a powerful reason to go to bed early and to make sure I keep my date with my yoga mat. Wishing you much sleep and many peaceful moments in 2020.


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