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Sleep and Yoga could help get rid of my excess belly fat

I had a huge aha moment yesterday.  I have been going about my whole approach to weight loss wrong.  Just like there is a Yin and a Yang in Eastern cultures, I need balance in my approach.  I have been attacking my health goals full force, full speed ahead, and I didn't realize it, but this has been sabotaging my efforts.  I read yesterday that one of the biggest causes of extra belly fat in women in their 40s and 50s is too much cortisol, which is produced when the body is under excess stress. With six kids under the age of 18, stress is everywhere I look. In the laundry piles.  In the dirty dishes on the counter.  In my calendar.  In the backseat of my minivan--not just the kids but the fast food wrappers, goldfish crackers and school papers that litter my car.  There is just too much of everything.  I am not complaining. I love all of my unique and amazing children, and consider them to be the biggest blessings in my life.  Even still, the bickering, the sibling rivalry, the c