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It started with a tiny idea, and with much thought, sweat, and love, took shape and grew into something amazing. The day after Thanksgiving I had some extra time with school closed and no kids to shuttle to school.  I poured that energy into my article, polishing it, getting all the details just so, and making sure to run my eagle eye over it many times.  It was ready to go.  Dare I hit the send button and submit it at 1am when absolutely no one would be working at Scary Mommy?  Or should I play it safe and wait for Monday morning when the editors would be back at work.  I'm happy to say I took the plunge and went for it!  I hit send and my boldness was rewarded.  Monday morning I received an email from the editors of Scary Mommy with the good news that my article would indeed be published.  Whatever you are thinking of doing, I urge you to take action and do it.  Click below to read my article.



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