The Sunshine Girl

I'll admit it.  I was becoming grumpy, frazzled, irritated, mad at the world.  My kids kept asking what happened to their mom and wanting to know who this grouch was who kept snapping at them.  I was angry at my husband's drinking, angry that the kids don't like helping me clean the kitchen or do the dishes, angry that I had so much laundry to do, Then, God gave me an unexpected gift. I became pregnant at the age of 47. I didn't see it as a gift then. I was angry that I was pregnant at a time when I could finally focus on myself and my writing.  I had been looking forward to my youngest starting kindergarten so I could have the house to myself during the days and have time to write. I wasn't supposed to get pregnant at age 47.  This was a plot twist I didn't see coming.  Much of this blog was about the years before menopause and how to stay healthy and sane during the change of life.

And, then in November 2017, everything changed.  The "sunshine girl" was born and my life suddenly had so much more joy and light.  My youngest has a sunny disposition and she giggles and smiles and lights up my world.  I have been smiling and laughing and feel years younger. It makes me wonder why I was fighting God on this. He really did know know what I needed.


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