7 things the world's happiest people do

Want to be happier each and every day?   Follow the lead of the world's happiest people and do these seven things every day:
  1. Wake up and say ARG!   That stands for anticipation, recollection and gratitude.  Spend a few minutes anticipating something positive, then think about a really wonderful memory, and finally take a few moments to list what you are grateful for.  This will jumpstart your day and get you on the happy track for the rest of the day.
  2. Savor something every day.  It could be your morning coffee, the warmth of your child's hug, or the beauty of the sunrise.
  3. Sweat and release endorphins.  Exercise produces feel-good chemicals and boosts your happiness.
  4. Do a good deed for someone.  People who are willing and eager to help others feel happier.  Just doing a 5-minute good deed each day will boost your happiness significantly.  It could be opening the door for an elderly person, writing a good review of a product you love, or telling the manager of your supermarket how wonderful an employee is.
  5. Set goals.  The happiest people have short-term and long-term goals and work toward them every day. 
  6. Make time for friends and family.  The happiest people make time for the people they love and treat them as priorities.
  7. Find meaning in hard times.  The happiest people do have problems, challenges and times of crisis, but they don't let these hard times destroy them.  They learn from the tough times and come out even stronger.
 Let me know about your happy place.  What do you do to feel happier?  What lights you up and brings you joy?  Hit the link below that will either say No Comments or 1 Comment, 2 comments, etc.


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