What's on my playlist?

When life gets crazy and hectic, it's easy to let the stress and the chaos cloud your vision.  When you're in the fight or flight response, you can't think or see clearly, and your health goals can get lost.  I am learning that having a good playlist of motivational songs helps keep me focused on my health goals, especially during the crazy, stressful times.
On really bad days I hit play again and again, and my stress levels go down, I feel encouraged and I get instantly connected to what I really want--to lead a healthy, balanced life,  to nourish my body and mind, and to boost my energy. And when I can see what I really want, I am more likely to make choices that support those goals, such as eating healthy and making time to exercise.  And I am less likely to skip my workout or eat the whole bag of chips.

Here are my favorite songs that are keeping me motivated on my journey.  Feel free to add any of these to your playlist if they fit you, or come up with others that speak to you.

1.  Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J91ti_MpdHA
2.  Fight Song by Rachel Platten. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo1VInw-SKc
3.  Overcomer by Mandisa.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8VoUYtx0kw

Music is very powerful.  Let it pull you back to what's important and keep you on the path toward the life you really want.  Let me know what songs motivate you?  Do you have your own fight song?


  1. Your number 2 is on my "empower" playlist too! :) "Renegades" by X Ambassadors, "I love my tribe" by Donna the Buffalo, "This little light of mine" the live Bruce Springsteen version, "All I want is you" by Barry Louis Polisar, "To be surprised" by Sondre Lerche are a few of my others. Music is so powerful and healing! Love that you are blogging Julie. Congratulations!

  2. Your music speaks to me as well. I listened to most of your songs on Youtube. I had no idea Bruce Springsteen sang "This little light of mine." It's really good. I think I am going to add "To be surprised" to my playlist. Thank you for your support and for giving us such good song choices.

  3. I have added a couple of songs to my playlist since this post was written. The first is on Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. The second is Bright by Echosmith. Thanks, Coach Flo, for the recommendation on the song Bright. These are both uplifting and happy songs.


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