Lucky me, I get to do this ...

Fill in the blank.  It doesn't really matter what word you fill in.  Today, my word was exercise.  I used to think of it as something I HAD to do, and then I didn't feel excited to do it.  But changing one word has made a powerful difference in my attitude.  I GET to exercise.  It is a gift to be healthy enough to do so.  I am not in a wheel chair.  I don't have a sprained ankle.  I don't have pneumonia.  I am not lying in a hospital bed.  It is a gift to be able to walk and move and sweat.

This mental exercise would work just as well for non-exercise things.  When you are dreading writing that report for your boss, try saying I GET to do this report.  My mind is sharp and I have the intellect and the expertise to do so.  These are gifts.  Or, when you are doing non-preferred activities like laundry or dishes, you could remind yourself that it is a blessing to have children or a spouse or a family who gets the dishes or the clothes dirty in the first place.  This will be a stretch for me as I really, really hate washing dishes and doing laundry.  But there are many, many people who are trying so hard to have children and I do have five amazing ones.  They really are gifts, but sometimes that fact gets lost in the chaos around me.

Let me know how this mental exercise goes for you.  What do you GET to do today?


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