Tribute to my wonderful family friend

Yesterday the world lost a beautiful soul, my family friend Toni Boccardy.  She was a loving wife for 60 years, a devoted mother and grandmother, and a caring friend to many, many people.  I thank God that I was one of the people who she touched with her kindness and love. 
As a child, I was blessed to live two doors down from Toni's mother Julia.  And being the devoted daughter that she was, Toni visited her often.  My family and I were invited over many times and enjoyed warm conversation, laughter and delicious Italian cooking.  After spending time with Toni, I always walked away feeling good inside.  She just had this incredible gift for making you feel like one of the family.
When my sister and I went to the University of Florida for college, Toni welcomed us into her own home often.  She and her husband came to our wedding.  And when I became a mother and brought the kids home to see Grandma, we'd often stop in to see Toni at her Mom's old home.  She treated my children with the same love and compassion that she gave me.
Toni was one of the most authentic, loving and generous people I have ever met.  I will miss her greatly and know that I am better for having known her.


  1. Very nice tribute to Toni and I agree with everything my daughter Julie said.

  2. I agree completely with your sentiments on Toni. She will be missed by so many people that she touched during her lifetime.


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